Submissions & Ordering
turnrow publishes original poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, social commentary, and visual art. Click on about turnrow for specific editorial interests. For a department called Mnemonics, we seek historical documents of artistic, social, or political interest: letters, vintage interviews, journal entries, unpublished posthumous work, and the like.

turnrow pays contributors:
$50 per poem
$15 per page of prose
$150 - $250 for a feature
$100 for cover art.
Please use the following guidelines when submitting manuscripts for consideration:
  • Submit 1 to 2 stories or essays, 3 to 5 poems.
  • Prose should be double-spaced. Pages should be numbered.
  • Visual art may be submitted on slides, prints, or CDs.
Manuscripts should be mailed to:
turnrow, English Department
The University of Louisiana at Monroe
Monroe, LA 71209.
We prefer hard copies but accept e-mail submissions from outside the States or after special arrangement with the editors. Do not send manuscripts by fax or e-mail unless you have queried the editors at ryan@ulm.edu.

Each manuscript must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. No reply will be made to unaccepted manuscripts that are not accompanied by sufficient return postage.

Keep a copy of your manuscript and a record of the date you mailed it.

Do not send previously published material.

Our reporting time is approximately three months. Please do not inquire about the status of your manuscript unless more than three months have passed.

Please do not send multiple submissions. Allow us to reply before you send more work.

Copyright: turnrow holds first serial rights for material that we publish. The copyright automatically reverts to the author upon publication. We do not require that material be copyrighted prior to submission.

For information contact ryan@ulm.edu (318-342-1520) or heflin@ulm.edu (318-342-1521)

Thank you and best wishes.

The Editors