Full Contents - Summer 2004 vol 3.2
The following is available both online and in the print edition. The following can only be found in the print edition of Summer 2004 vol 3.2.
  • "Something Hard and Bright" by Joseph De Quattro
  • "A Long Day" by Bei Cun
  • "Sugar Lift Etchings" by Nikki Braunton
  • "Ram" by Eamon Grennan
  • "June on Lough Arrow" by Eamonn Wall
  • "Oblique Projections" by Ciaran Berry
  • "Cead Mile Falsehood" by Niall Murphy
  • "Opening Up" by Greg Delanty
  • "Escuchen" by H. G. Carrillo
  • "Artwork" by Ruth Marten
  • "Variations on a Theme in Ambrose Bierce" by Patrick Cole
  • "Spumoni" by Thomas Wanebo
  • "Deer Blind" by Robert Vivian
  • "Just One Thing" by H. Gene Blocker