Full Contents - Winter 2005 vol 4.2
The following is available both online and in the print edition. The following can only be found in the print edition of Winter 2005 vol 4.2.
  • "Seduction" by Floarea Tutuianu
  • "I Still Miss Someone" by Bryan Di Salvatore
  • "Who Among Us: A Novel" by Mario Benedetti
  • Eric Baus
    • "Orange Water"
    • "The Emergence of a Wolf"
  • Jenny Boully
    • "On the Reading Of"
    • "February Fooled the Forsythia"
  • "Born Again, Freshly Dipped" by Desiroe Matherly
  • "Paintings" by Sally French
  • "Elegy" by Theodore Worozbyt
  • "Implosion of Pruitt-Igoe in the Process of Becoming" by Robert Bense
  • "Paintings" by John Hull
  • "Finish Line" by Kate Bullard Adams
  • Michael Casey
    • "all town Meeting"
    • "Lonnie is out sick"
    • "you stink as a boss"
  • Fred Chappell
    • "The Elder Poet's Search"
    • "The Devoted Freudian Debates His Lesser Angles"